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Luca Giordano, Maurizio Amendola



Marta is a respectable music agent. But for the great music corporation where she works a bad mistake is enough to fire her: Marta loses all her clients, even the faithful ones and she is forced to ask for a job to her ex-fiancé, a lawyer, father of her son, Ale.
While Marta is looking for a fresh start with her own agency, Ale makes her discover an underground music scene to take under her wing and help rising. Marta meets the rapper Rami who is, just like his idol Ghali, moving away from the gangster stereotype to tell the story of suburbs, quoting TV series, marijuana and slang. Marta is so fascinated that she bets exclusively on him. Rami sings in Italian with a Milanese accent although coming from a Tunisian family, where he is considered the householder after his father’s dereliction.
The road to success meets the fight for integration, but everything gets complicated when Marta and Rami fall in love and face the risk to destroy their families... and even more after a terroristic attack in the centre of Milan, for which Rami’s father becomes one of the main suspects.

It's bigger than religion.
Luca Giordano


Maurizio Amendola


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