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Alessandro Spigarelli, Luca Gallotti



Checco is the leader of a Roman bourgeoisie's gang, a group of 15-years-old kids that snort cocaine, beat up others, spend thousands of euro in Gucci and share whatever they do on social networks, hiding their suffering and solitude. Checco wants real life to reflect his Instagram profile, where he has over 12.000 followers: here he pretends to be a delinquent, although he is the son of one of the most important families of Rome.
Transgression becomes crime when Checco brings Luca into the gang. Luca is a boy who moves to live with his aunt – doorkeeper in a rich district – after his father’s death. He is both astonished and scared by the gang, but he gets seduced since he has already been close to violence, even if never with a Rolex at his wrist.
A strong, extreme and dangerous friendship starts between Checco and Luca. They are a fucking mess together: for the others and for themselves.

Eskere: can a filter change who you are?
Alessandro Spigarelli


Luca Gallotti


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