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Ivan Pavlović



2091: decades of uncontrolled pollution lead to a world where air is unbreathable. When the big political powers of the world failed to find a solution, Kisionik, a multinational corporation, took humanity's destiny in its hands. Huge towers linked to buildings and capable of producing clean air dominate the cities, but now every breath has a price. An Opposition Movement asks Kisionik to make air a good for everyone to eliminate this new caste system, but the company's position is immovable.

Elia and Jelena are two lonely souls who want to change the world. Elia is an employee of Kisionik with a secret life: at night he fights crime in the dangerous areas of the city. Or at least he tries to. Jelena is a member of the Opposition Movement, fully married to the cause. When the Movement is wrongly held responsible for a terroristic attack, she has to run away.

It is during her escape that she meets Elia. While he decides to help her, Jelena shows him Kisionik's true colors. Together they take the first steps into the creation of a rebellion against the corporation to free the world from its chains, having to face the birth of a love that might put their mission in danger.

In a dystopian future where we pay the air we breathe, a group of rebels rises to give oxygen back to the people.
Ivan Pavlović

Scriptwriter, Television

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