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I California

Fortunata Apicella, Michela Ceravolo, Linda Sabatini



Tuscany, Maremma. A small town by the sea, crowded and lively during the three-month-summer season, and that's about it. Andrea, who ran away years ago, is not happy to be back but she is forced to as she is under house arrest for dealing. Her family, the Giusti, are the owners of the "California" minigolf course and are respected by their neighbours but they are also prisoners of their own home: ter father is in deep debt, has lost his job and fucked all up by gambling. Andrea must gain their trust back by helping them out. She will give the minigolf a second life, turning it into the main smuggling-drug dealing-center of the town. The rest of the family is involved too, even if it takes some time for them to realize what is going on, except for Margherita, married to the main cop of the town who is still in love with Andrea.
The real problem is the mayor of the town, called "The Beast". She wants to frame the Giusti family and save the appeal of the whole city with its main income, tourism. She actually hates Andrea while she takes her responsible for the accident who killed her first daughter, Alice, whom Andrea loved deeply.
In the struggle between morality and filth, the Beast's corrupt coppers and Andrea's inhibited family, Bianca comes along. She is the Beast's younger daughter, the incarnation of the ghost that made Andrea escaped. Bianca is the only human being for who the mayor still has feelings.
Time is running fast... summer season is coming!

Welcome to Maremma Hardcore.
Fortunata Apicella


Michela Ceravolo


Linda Sabatini


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original title
I California