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Viola nello specchio

Rossella Di Campli



Viola is a 16-year-old Tumblr girl who hides herself behind her computer’s screen, watching people on YouTube playing horror videogames. But inside, Viola is afraid of everything. She lives a pretty dull life and craves excitement. She acts like she knows the world, but she has never even been kissed. But that summer will change her life forever.
Viola is spending the summer in the mountains of Piedmont. When she was a kid, she had the best time playing with her blonde, sweet cousin Bea and their friends Martino, Cristiano and Andrea.
But in 2016, everything changes. Her friends have changed, and she is left behind, like a child who does not understand grown-ups.
In the woods, they organize savage rave parties, but one night something goes wrong: Martino, the 16-year-old Viola’s childhood sweetheart, is found hanging on the Luminaria. After his death, some teens get missing. Among them, Bea, the blonde, beautiful Instagram model who also happens to be Viola’s most hated/loved cousin, and Martino’s best friends, Cristiano and Andrea. Only Viola can save them.
But this is not an horror walkthrough. In this mystery coming-of-age, Viola will learn to overcome her fears and face the Devil itself.

Viola is a sad 16-year-old girl scared about everything who must save all her friends from the most dangerous enemy: the Evil.
Rossella Di Campli

Story Editor, Scriptwriter, Television

production notes

original title
Viola nello specchio