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Otto ore

Laura Grimaldi, Costanza Durante



Unemployment has won, so Bianca holds on her job very tightly. Even if she works in a company where the Chief of Staff is a Sphinx, the new CEO is a fuchsia teddy bear and mobbing consists of counting sand grains forever. And no, these are not metaphors: here all is as it seems.
Bianca is a junior manager at MagicFest, the leading company in the production of holiday decorations. She is the ward of the Christmas Department and of her boss, Sabino. She is not worried about her job, but this year there is a novelty: only one junior will be confirmed... and the fight is open. Bianca, however, is still not afraid: Sabino will certainly confirm her. Just a shame that he vanished into thin air.
Among black masses with the Board of Directors, a “person with connections” who really look like Jesus, Masonic conspiracies and flying salad bowls, Bianca does anything to keep her job. She does not know that it is just going to kill her: at MagicFest, employees are turning into office furniture. If you are lucky, a chair; if you aren’t, a garbage bin.
Bianca has only eight hours to find out what is going on and to decide if it really is worth becoming a pywood desk to mantain stability.

Work ennobles men, or it transforms them in chairs.
Laura Grimaldi


Costanza Durante


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original title
Otto ore