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La Guerra degli altri

Ferdinando Dell'omo



La Guerra degli Altri (The War Of The Others) is a black comedy/spy story inspired by true events. It explores a genre typical of TV shows such as Fargo and The Sopranos, and of movies such as Burn After Reading and War Dogs.
The story revolves around a group of Italian wannabe mercenaries who put together a band of guns-for-hire to solve their economic woes and troubled personal lives. The group is hired for a mission they don’t fully understand and quickly find themselves entangled in the chaotic schemes of American, Italian, and Russian spy organizations in the African country of Gamidia. Manipulated by all possible intelligence agencies, duped by a witless Italian start-up and with a mafia debt preventing their return to Italy, they end up in the centre of a coup against an African dictator.
Balancing out the intense geopolitical main plot, there are the smaller troubles of working class Italians, as the mercs deal with mortgages, desperate love affairs, creditors and dysfunctional families. The brash attitudes of these anti-heroes clash with the highly controlled white-collar agencies, showing the humor and humanity in some of the world’s shadiest dealings.

Five Venetian aspiring mercenaries fell in an absurd International intrigue while they are in Africa.
Ferdinando Dell'omo


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original title
La Guerra degli altri