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Claudia De Angelis



Luisa "The Doctor” Laudadio has been an accountant for the past twenty years. Her job is to navigate through the jungle of tax bureaucracy, so that her clients can walk away with the minimum economical loss. Luisa is good at what she does, she is well-liked, and thinks there is nothing better than helping unlucky fellow citizens.
Who is more unlucky than a kid who just got orphan? Angelo Abate is 16 and his father, the mayor of the town, just took a leap off the cliff right out of town. Elections are coming and Angelo is left to stew with his insufferable uncle. A glimpse of hope appears to him in the form of a secret room, where his father stashed an embarrassing amount of “blood money”, earned through illegal activities that his powerful position allowed him to manage.
Luckily for Angelo, here comes Luisa and her mother-hen complex. She brings him food, she tidies up his home, and she finds the money. Angelo lies about the origin of the cash and she eats it up, hook, line, and sinker. Immediately, she offers to help him to manage the money. Angelo agrees, but he knows he will not be able to lie to her any longer.
Just like a tax report, the socio-political environment of a small coastal town is based on balance. But the odd alliance between Angelo and Luisa will wreck avoc to everything.

A peaceful accountant meets an orphan. This is not a fable: this is a story of accession to power.
Claudia De Angelis


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