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500 Years A Day

Elad Keidan

Israel, France


A young woman nicknamed “Instant” – for her dreamy and contemplative spirit, always needing “an instant” for herself – works at the Israeli Social Security services.
On the brink of being fired, her boss takes pity and gives her a new task: visiting centenarian citizens in search of fraudulent claims of benefits. While congratulating old folks for their lives she starts to investigate and find out the truth. She must complete five visits a day: “500 years a day, a piece of cake”, says her boss.
Instant sets out on this task, turning it into a quest for meaning in the wider sense: the meaning of an individual’s life and that of life in general. While visiting the panorama of Israeli life scenes, she finds out that some things can be achieved.
When a mysterious man appears on her doorstep, the journey gets complicated, but also alludes to a promise.


I think accomplishing things in life is one of the biggest challenges we humans have to deal with in our short time on earth. Different ideologies, religions and economical systems all state different aims and objectives to be accomplished. Amassing material assets, having children, traveling, acquiring knowledge, experiencing sexual adventures or creating art are all common examples of our need to fill-in this endless checklist before our final day arrives.
"500 Years A Day" intends to explore this eternal, inevitable question from two very different viewpoints: the episodic encounter of the female protagonist with centenarians (100-year-old folks) as a Social Security investigator; and the tragic story of a family who lost their 19-year-old son during his military service.
These are two different angles of the same questions: what can be accomplished in life? What should be accomplished? Should we struggle with the ocean of time closing on us from both sides – past and future – or give up trying? Where does happiness lie? In struggling with the dilemma or in surrendering to the mystery of existence?

When a mundane job is given to a vivid, pensive woman, it becomes a quest to understand life and herself.
Elad Keidan

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
500 Shana be’Yom

directed by
Elad Keidan

produced byAmalthea
131 Einstein street
3460171, Haifa

in co-production with
EZ Films – France

written by
Elad Keidan

total production budget
€ 940.000