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Kaweh Modiri



35 years after her daughter’s execution by the Islamic regime, Haleh (71) thinks she has finally found the woman whom she holds responsible for the fatal betrayal. The alleged traitor, Leyla (50), has recently moved to Europe as a refugee. Haleh is a well integrated and respected Dutch citizen but is willing to risk everything in order to take revenge.
Flashbacks to Iran 1981 show the relationship between Haleh and her daughter Mitra during the politically turbulent atmosphere of postrevolution Iran.
In present time Haleh decides to get closer to Leyla and her daughter. Leyla, not recognizing Haleh and happy to meet a fellow compatriot, welcomes her into her life.
Haleh abuses Leyla’s trust to gather information, and eventually kidnaps her daughter. Only after she crosses the line does Haleh realize that vengefulness has blinded her. Still uncertain of Leyla’s guilt, Haleh decides to let the past go away.
“Mitra” is a story about immigration, betrayal, revenge, and most of all about letting go.

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ScriptLab - original 2017

March 12, 2019

Shooting in Spring 2019. The all-star Iranian cast includes Jasmin Tabatabai, Mohsen Namjoo and Avin Manshadi.


As a child I frequently travelled with my mom to cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Hamburg, Paris, and London. We visited old friends, acquaintances, party members and cellmates of my deceased halfsister Mitra, who was executed in Iran in 1981.
At night, when they thought I was asleep, they talked about the last months, days and hours of her life. They talked about it like a puzzle that after all these years still had not been put together. I would secretly listen to the stories about Mitra, whose death had cast a dramatic shadow over my life, as my mother was expecting me when she was killed. The scenes they talked about and described to each other played like a movie in my mind, even long after we were back at home.
This story has been in my mind and imagination for years. Now, I feel ready to use this personal story as a basis for my second feature film. Even though the story of Mitra’s execution is based on true events, the film as a whole is a work of fiction. The largest part of the film is set in modern day Europe, and is based on a “what if” situation. What if the mother, as a fictionalised character, finds the woman who betrayed her daughter?


35 years after her daughter’s execution in Iran, Haleh discovers the woman who betrayed her.
Kaweh Modiri

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title

directed by
Kaweh Modiri

produced byBALDR Film
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 77
1012 DC, Amsterdam

total production budget
€ 2.153.000