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Plum Season

Rim Mejdi



Nouha (16) is in a tight relationship with her mother. The father reappears after a long absence and disturbs the balance of the household.
Thanks to her friend Omar, Nouha joins a band of young bikers and starts riding around with them. Amine, the gang’s leader, leads the fleet of scooters up into the mountains of the Grand Atlas. Nouha starts dressing as a boy to escape the attention of conservative peasants.
The group of teenagers lives in a small house belonging to Omar’s uncle, spending their time between river and forest. Nouha encounters a spirit of the river and a spirit of the woods, who both fall in love with her.
Supernatural forces affect reality: the trio formed by Nouha, Omar and Amine fractures. The latter decides to leave after denouncing Nouha’s female identity to the villagers. Omar and Nouha are expelled from the house. They seek shelter in a cave higher up the mountain, but the spirits pursue Nouha, who ends up cursed in her own flesh and loses her female sex.


Nouha is an adolescent with a vivid anxiety of time passing by. She tries to deal with this by constantly escaping from the grasp of the adult world. “Plum Season” tells the story of how she travels from the comfort of her mother’s lap to a dangerous supernatural world, in which she must confront her own womanhood and specifically the body issues that go with it.
How do certain social conditions lead an individual to identify with one gender rather than another? What is the essence of gender, in conservative, male-dominated, misogynistic societies? What is the path to emancipation from social and inner constraints?
Visually and narratively, the film will be designed to flow and resemble a torrent of thoughts and dreams inside an adolescent’s head. There will be a clear difference though between two major locations, the City and the Mountains: the City (Marrakech) will seem stiflingly hot and suffocating; the Mountains cool and serene.
In the Mountains, Nouha will learn how to breathe.


A modern tale of a teenage girl awakening from a supernatural dimension to the edge of reality.
Rim Mejdi

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title

directed by
Rim Mejdi

total production budget
€ 700.000