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We Were Here

Nicole Gerhards, Błażej Dzikowski



2039. Berlin lies in ruins. Although the war is over, Anna (15) and her parents struggle everyday for survival against hunger, cold, military presence and injustice. With her parents ever more despairing, her best friend Luki shot dead and her other friend, the autistic Santje, locked away, all Anna has left is her clandestine on-line blog, until a stranger – a boy called Ben – contacts her.
When they finally meet, he is all she has ever dreamed of, and the love they feel for each other brightens up their lives. After her parents’ violent death, Ben takes Anna with him on a journey in search of hope. On their way, they experience all the love, adventure and betrayal that Anna had so far only found in her beloved books.
But there is something suspicious about Ben.


Nicole Gerhards wanted to transform Nana Rademacher’s novel “Wir Waren Hier” into a film right from the moment she read it. Nicole was fascinated by the multi-faceted characters struggling to survive in a dark, ruined city, sustained by rare glimpses of hope; and among them, a teenage girl, Anna, who creates her own imaginary, escapist universe.
The adaptation’s focus is on the resilience of children and their ability to cope in inhuman times. They retain their curiosity, playfulness and imagination even in the cruellest of worlds, when everything seems lost, when even their parents give up hope. They have no other choice, because it is up to them to build a new future.
This dazzling mix of young adult adventure, romance and sci-fi movie is bound to appeal to a wide audience. The tale may serve both as a warning and set a glimmer of hope for the survival of human love and kindness against the film’s terrifying vision of a future that appears so close, while Anna’s parents could be our own children.


In a ruined Berlin of 2039, the teenager Anna finds love, adventure, and her own way to survive.
Nicole Gerhards

Story Editor, Production

Błażej Dzikowski


production notes

original title
We Were Here

produced byNiKo Film
Prinzessinnenstraße 16
10969, Berlin