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Ronny Trocker

Germany, Italy


A young and prosperous European family: Jan, Nina and their two kids.
As successful account executives, the two parents are involved in advising a political party on its campaign, but Nina’s opposition to the party’s populist strategy creates conflict. Jan fails to back her up and eventually she leaves the agency.
In order to save their marriage, Jan proposes they spend a family weekend at their holiday home on the coast. Upon arrival, Nina and the kids are the victims of a mysterious burglary.
The agitation around the incident seems to draw the couple closer, until their eight-year-old son, Max, announces that he saw his father hiding during the incident. When, in addition, Nina offers the police contradictory evidence, suddenly the question of whether the burglars may never have existed looms large.
Mutual distrust and tension spreads and the immaculate picture of a model family falls apart.


In a hyper-mediatised world, where everything becomes image and marketing, from private life to politics, and perception is easily manipulated, “Zorro” is taking a look behind the façade, showing the slow decomposition of a marriage and of a middle class ideal.
Set in two opposite spaces, a busy and crowded town and a sleepy coastal village out of season, the film tells the story of a European family: open-minded and cosmopolitan, successful in their creative jobs and very dedicated to their kids. At first glance, a picture-perfect family.
It is in this dreary holiday resort, when after a supposed robbery the inner conflicts of the family are finally exposed and old wounds are reopened, fear and mistrust are prevailing.
Gradually and with small narrative loops, the film turns around the mysterious incident, perceived by everybody in a different way. Told through different characters’ eyes, “Zorro” becomes a radiography of the family and a couple’s struggle to rescue their tarnished marriage.


A mysterious housebreaking exposes the agony of an exemplary middle class family.
Ronny Trocker

Film Director

production notes

original title

directed by
Ronny Trocker

produced byzischlermann filmproduktion
Kottbusser Damm


zischlermann filmproduktion GmbH
10967, Berlin
Berlin, Germany

in co-production with
Bagarrefilm – Italy

total production budget
€ 1.500.000