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Folding City

Josh Kim, Edward Gunawan

China, United States


Based on the Hugo Award winning novella by Hao Jingfang, “Folding City” is set in a futuristic metropolis, where residents are divided into three social classes who take turns sharing time above ground.
Lao Dao is a waste worker living in Third Space. One day he finds something in the trash that takes him on a journey to the elite First Space world.
Along the way he catches a glimpse of his daughter’s future and uncovers a reality that makes him question whether a better life can be found in the Upper Spaces.


The first time I watched Bong Joon Ho’s “The Host”, I remember feeling excited, finally Korea was important enough for a monster to come and destroy it.
In science fiction it has been rare to see a live-action film with Asian protagonists. It is almost as if there were no Asians in the future.
“Folding City” is a pioneering project. One that does not just forecast a future “Western” city by mapping “Asian exoticism” on top of it, but a film that tries to imagine the future from a wholly Asian perspective. More importantly, it is a story of a father – and the sacrifices he makes – and of a daughter – and the burden she carries.

A father embarks on a dangerous mission across a futuristic city to give his daughter a better life.
Josh Kim

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Edward Gunawan

Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production

production notes

original title
Folding City

directed by
Josh Kim

produced byChris Lee Productions
1237 Koloa Street
HI 96816 , Honolulu
United States

in co-production with
Add Word Productions – Indonesia

written by
Josh Kim
Edward Gunawan

total production budget
€ 20.000.000