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You Are My Everything

Michal Vinik



Lilach, a devoted mother in a small Israeli suburb, cannot sleep for a whole month now because her beloved youngest boy Dekel, 18-year-old, is about to be drafted to the army.
When Dekel is accepted into an elite combat unit, he is the happiest boy in Israel and his father is bursting with pride.
Only Lilach is restless and does not know what to do with herself. Summer is coming, and another war too. She teams up with another mother and they share the same ambition: to save their boys by any means necessary, even if they need to hurt them physically.
Because a son with broken limbs is better than a dead one.


Since becoming a mother to a son, I cannot stop thinking about the future from a perspective that was never part of my point of view before. In Israel, army service is mandatory for every Jewish citizen who reaches the age of 18. With the birth of a son comes the birth of a mother who is counting down the days before that son will come of age and will be enlisted.
When my eldest son took his first steps the doctors told me that he might suffer from what is known as childhood flatfoot. According to the doctors, this type of flatfoot should solve itself over time. Suddenly I found myself thinking something completely unexpected: “I hope it does not solve itself. I hope he always has flatfoot, that way he will not be fit to be a fighter in the army.”
“You Are My Everything” is a dark comedy centred around the “soldier’s mother” whose fierce instinct to protect her son drives her to completely disregard any social expectations imposed on her. A modern evolution of the Isaac sacrifice’s myth. It is a love story, the greatest and most destructive love of all: the one between a mother and her child.


A dark comedy about a mother who will do anything to stop her son from becoming a fighter in the Israeli army.
Michal Vinik

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
Ata Ha’Haim Sheli

directed by
Michal Vinik

produced byGreen Productions
40 Arlozorov st.
52005, Ramat-gan

total production budget
€ 850.000