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Jacqueline Lentzou



Artemis is a 23-year-old only child of divorced parents, trying to heal her chronic stress through hypnosis. Her seemingly ordinary life gets interrupted after a late-night call from her mother.
She immediately flies to Athens, along with her dog, Phoebe, because her father, Paris, is hospitalized, after a severe relapse in his autoimmune disease of Multiple Sclerosis. Due to the unavoidability of the situation, she becomes his carer.
In the meantime, accidentally, Phoebe gets pregnant. As the pregnancy proceeds, Artemis’ sense of duty transforms into genuine interest in Paris. Her aim is to find out the psychological reason behind his condition.
Phoebe gives birth. A new reality is also born: Artemis discovers Paris’ secret, long-term relationship with Jacob, the only visiting friend. She now knows for the first time who her father is. Artemis now faces the consequent existential questions that arise: will this discovery be a vehicle towards her own healing?


I grew up away from my father, with fragmented encounters dipped in absolute awkwardness. Yet, through his letters to his lover, I found out who he really was.
I read a life of sheer desperation. A double life with both parts being doomed: lying to everyone while experiencing an unrequited love affair. I realized that, probably, his pain manifested in his body. His energy was consumed in a constant mystification of his life. Simultaneously, all the whys that have been burdening my childhood were resolved, and substituted with new ones about my existence.
Thus, the film is a coming-of-age story of a relationship, rather than a person. It aims to be a combination of Bergman’s and Van Sant’s cinema, the first in regards to the existential landscape he brings, and the latter concerning the organic filmmaking he delivers.
I want to discuss what it really means to know one in a blood-tie relationship, and present a different take on homosexuality, seen through the child’s perspective.
Would she have been born had her father been free to lead the life he desired? Would he have been healthy had he accepted himself? Is the discovery of such a truth able to ever purge a heavily dysfunctional relationship?

At the age of 23, Artemis will finally call her father, “dad”.
Jacqueline Lentzou

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title

directed by
Jacqueline Lentzou

produced byBlonde
61 Garyttou street
15234, Athens

total production budget
€ 800.000