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Whether the Weather Is Fine

Carlo Francisco Manatad, Armi Rae Cacanindin

Philippines, France, Singapore

TFL Awards

TFL Co-Production Award 2017 (€ 50.000)
with the support of the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union


In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, religious fanatics, desperados, criminals and fleeing animals are loose in the city. Miguel, an escaped prisoner, roams the ruins in search of the two women in his life: his girlfriend Andrea and his mother, Norma.
As soon as he finds them, the reason for Miguel’s incarceration – and his sacrifice – becomes clear. He tries to convince them to leave the city with him before he is arrested. However, Norma is fixated on waiting for her estranged husband Luis. Andrea, however, is entangled in rebellious acts paving the way for her to commit the unspeakable. As Miguel’s temporary release expires, his freedom and even his life are jeopardized.
He must decide whether to stay on to persuade his loved ones or to leave town on his own before the next disastrous storm devours him and the only home he knows.


A terrible loss suffered by my city melded with my personal demons. "Whether the Weather Is Fine" is a fable narrating the absurdity of my own past and my hometown’s loss after Typhoon Haiyan through the story of a son and his mother. A community that loses itself, forgetting their humanity as they seek survival.
As the city and the characters attempt to live, they inescapably lose their sense of justice after the senselessness of having lost so much to nature – with no one to blame. An exodus harking back to Noah’s Ark: the absurdity of religion and belief in myths and luck, and how these play a big part on how the characters act and respond.
The most vital virtue of the film, perhaps, is its examination of hope and faith. Miguel functions despite his brokenness and Norma does not leave the dilapidated arcade because of her faith that her love will return.
"Whether the Weather Is Fine" immerses in Miguel and Norma’s struggle for survival, sustained by the hope that they carry, and what is lost and gained.

budget, distribution & sales

“Whether the Weather Is Fine” (formerly “A Wrong Season”) has been awarded Busan’s Asian Cinema Fund for development and Talents Tokyo Next Masters Support Fund. It participated in Ties That Bind, Hanoi Project Market and La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde. Locally, it is being supported by Quantum Films, with a small development fund and post-production facilities. It is also partly financed by Globe Studios, owned by the Philippines’ biggest telecommunications network. These, plus the service contribution of AAND (Singapore) make the project 25% financed. The total budget is € 800.000. Through House on Fire (France), we will be applying for the CNC – Aide aux cinémas du monde. We will also be applying for the Asian Pacific Screen Academy film grant, Hubert Bals Fund, Sørfond and World Cinema Fund. Due to the support of various film festivals during its development, we expect the film to premiere in top international film festivals before its local release. Philippine distribution will be handled by Quantum Films. Globe Studios will handle promotions, with their very wide social media reach and telecommunication resources. It is in development and financing stage, and the shoot is estimated for the fourth quarter of 2018.


After a savage typhoon, a man must choose: stay in a distorted home or leave to find freedom.
Carlo Francisco Manatad

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Armi Rae Cacanindin


production notes

original title
Kun Maupay Man It Panahon

directed by
Carlo Francisco Manatad

produced byPlan C
7768 Saint Paul Street

San Antonio Village
1203, Makati City

in co-production with
Cinematografica – Philippines
Quantum Films– Philippines
Globe Studios – Philippines
House on Fire – France
AAND – Singapore

total production budget
€ 800.000 €