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Carlo Sironi, Giovanni Pompili

Italy, France, Poland


At 7 months pregnant, 20-year-old Rada moves from Eastern Europe to Italy to sell her unborn child. Ermanno is a young lowlife. He has to pretend to be the father in order to give the baby to his uncle Fabio. Faking an adoption between relatives is the only way for Fabio to buy the newborn that he and his wife Bianca cannot have.
For Ermanno and Rada money are the only thing that matters. They are cold and distant, but living side by side unveils their weakness and slowly they discover an unpredicted intimacy.
Sole is born pre-term and Rada must breastfeed her before she can go away with her money. She tries to deny the bond with her baby but Ermanno takes care of them as if he was the real father. Sole – rather than dividing them – unites them more than ever.
Fabio and Bianca are about to get what they always wanted, but Ermanno and Rada seem to have become what they were only pretending to be.


In my recent works I have tackled maternity and the difficult journey to parenthood. When I was younger I faced the chance of becoming a father, but we decided not to have the baby. It has been tough and since then I started to imagine how my life would be if I had become a father. Then I asked myself: what does parenthood really mean? Where does it really start? It does not have to do merely with biology but with a change of perspective in life. So I asked myself if I could become the father of a child who was not biologically mine. Sole is an attempt to answer this question.
In Italy surrogate motherhood is forbidden by law. I researched about cases of newborn trafficking and fake adoptions. I started from real facts, but I decided to go beyond reality. This story harshly faces how nowadays human beings are treated like merchandise and everything has a price. But what really moves me in writing this story is that two strangers have to pretend to be what they are not, while in an emotional journey they become what they were only pretending to be.

budget, distribution & sales

Italian independent cinema gets more and more attention every year thanks to a fresh new wave of emerging talents. Carlo Sironi belongs to this new generation of Italian directors: his short films have been premiered in A-list festivals such as Venice and Locarno, and with “Sole” he participated in the Berlinale Script Station, the Cinéfondation Residence and is now completing the development with TorinoFilmLab. The film will be positioned as an author-driven drama that speaks to a sophisticated female audience, which still goes to the cinema. We want to work with distributors in Italy and in our co-production partners’ territories early on in order to start the strategic outreach plan together and get them involved already in the first steps of promotion. We have received development support from MiBACT and IDM Film Fund (Italy), the French CNC, and we have already been granted the national production support. Rai Cinema joined the project as associate and pre-buying Italian free TV rights. The total budget of the film is € 1.327.500. We are still lacking € 517.500 which we intend to raise through our present or future partners in order to apply for Eurimages at the second round of 2018.


Where does parenthood really start?
Carlo Sironi

Film Director

Giovanni Pompili


production notes

original title

directed by
Carlo Sironi

produced byKino Produzioni
Via Giovanni Antonelli 49

00197 Roma

in co-production with
Lava Films – Poland
Méroé Films – France

total production budget
€ 1.327.500