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Makbul Mubarak, Yulia Evina Bhara



In a mountainous Indonesian village, Rakib, a fresh high-school graduate, cannot figure out his future. One thing is for sure, he does not want to work in his family’s corn field as his conservative father wants him to.
One day, a former military general arrives in his village. The general runs for the local election and wants Rakib to portray the young him in a propagandistic biopic film made for local TV.
In order to accomplish this, Rakib’s acting skills are trained under the general’s direct supervision.

project updates


FeatureLab - 360 2017

May 9, 2019

Selected at Locarno Open Doors 2019.


FeatureLab - 360 2017

January 25, 2019

Selected at the Berlinale Co-Production Market - European Film Market 2019.


Years under dictatorship are the years of fiction. People live in the fiction of a stable economy, a safe country, and a benevolent government. In 1998, the fall of the Indonesian military dictatorship made changes become reality, yet most of the fictions remain.
Hence in "Autobiography", the elements of fiction have a pivotal role in unpacking the layers of the story. "Autobiography" is a film about dictatorship from the post-dictatorship youth’s experiences. I want to tell a story about this struggle of dealing with the dictatorship fictions that are still very much haunting. On the other hand, it is also a coming-of-age story of a man trying to find his true self in a society that always wants him to be someone else.
This story is politically personal for me as it sums up my experience of growing up with an authoritative father in the late years of the military dictatorship. Rakib is me. His village looks like mine, and beneath this beautiful tropical village, history is becoming violent.

budget, distribution & sales

KawanKawan Media is a production company that has produced several films such as “Solo, Solitude”, which had its world premiere in Locarno’s Filmmakers of the Present section. “Solo, Solitude” reached 52.000 admissions in its national theatrical release, which is a huge number for an art-house film in Indonesia. Our total budget is € 616.000. We have secured € 100.000 from Indonesian private investors. We will apply for film funding and we are planning to cooperate with European co-producers. For “Autobiography”, we have been working on the publicity since the earliest stage in order to nationally introduce the film. Beyond that, participating in TorinoFilmLab is one of our efforts to build a profile for international markets. For this purpose, KawanKawan Media employs a publicist department that handles our own films and also other films on a national and international level. We expect the film to be delivered in mid-2019 and to be firstly distributed through film festivals. The exposure at the international level will trigger Indonesian audiences to watch the film in local cinemas. This pattern has similarly been followed in “Solo, Solitude”, working with international sales agents, a strategy that will be replicated with “Autobiography”.


In post-dictatorship Indonesia, a young man tries to find himself by becoming someone else.
Makbul Mubarak

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Yulia Evina Bhara


production notes

original title

directed by
Makbul Mubarak

produced byKawanKawan Media
Tebet Timur III-J no.12
12820, Jakarta Selatan

total production budget
€ 616.000