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Lorenza Di Corinto, Francesca Nozzolillo, Giordana Mari



A female judge faces a case of a woman accused of murder on a night of bondage sex. Strangled by the press, a split Turin and by her own ambition, she tries to find the right answer. Next to her are the popular jurors, provided by the Court of Assise judgement. Everything changes when she discovers she has met the woman she has to judge: 25 years have passed since the encounter, in a summer that has profoundly changed the lives of both.
The accused becomes a demon pointing the finger at the judge: it is your responsibility, she says. While the past invades the story, forcing the judge to face an uncomfortable secret, the woman is imprisoned by a murderer in chains. On the one hand, professional ethics; on the other hand, moral and material blackmail. As the game becomes more and more dangerous, the woman gets dirty, uses the jurors for their own purposes. Among blackmails, denials and conditioning, she discovers herself different and dangerously attracted by the one who moves her reins.
InJury is a story of suffocating bonds that imprison if you do not know how to handle knots. All characters are in chains; everyone can be free only by facing their responsibilities.

Tight knots, suffocating bonds. Where is the line between guilt and responsibility?
Lorenza Di Corinto

Singer, Editor, Scriptwriter

Francesca Nozzolillo

Story Editor, Scriptwriter

Giordana Mari

Story Editor, Scriptwriter

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