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The Camera

Viktor van der Valk, Jeroen Scholten van Aschat

Netherlands, Belgium


42-year-old TV host Eveline buys a camera for her upcoming holiday. Afterwards, a Moroccan boy asks her for the time and she forgets to keep an eye on her bag. When she turns around,
the camera is gone.

Feeling naïve and ashamed for being so careless, she promises her husband to get the insurance company to reimburse it. They, however, consider her case a matter of “loss”, not “theft”, and accuse her of negligence. Frustrated, Eveline files a police report, stating that the bag was pulled from her hands. But when she is asked why she did not fight back, she finds herself claiming that the boy threatened her with a knife.

The report is filed and the insurance company reimburses the camera, but then the police unexpectedly find her stolen camera – and the boy. With her public image as a trustworthy TV personality at stake, Eveline quietly tries to undo what she did, while the now imprisoned 17-year-old Yousef desperately tries to keep from spiralling into the depths of juvenile delinquency and marginalisation.

project updates

The Camera

ScriptLab - projects 2018

July 11, 2019

The project received support by the Netherland Film Fund through the Film Production Incentive.


At the core of The Camera is a story about shame. Psychologists and sociologists have described the basic significance of shame for the proper functioning of society. It imperceptibly connects an individual’s self-perception with the values and rules of their community. Consequently, the capacity to feel shame contributes to the inner cohesion of that society.

The amount of shame Eveline feels is directly linked to the monetary value of the stolen object. At first, the collision of Eveline’s world with that of our Moroccan boy seems to be linked to a “small” incident, but it quickly sets a chain of events in motion that unravels a struggle between a society based on efficiency, growth and progress, and a community with ever-present feelings of discontent and distrust for each other and the system.

Thus, this film is not a depiction of human psychology or an abstract subject such as “the System”, but rather a dance between those two, which underneath it all seem to be connected by shame.


When Eveline lies about her stolen camera to get an insurance refund, this ignites a chain reaction of unforeseen consequences.
Viktor van der Valk

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Jeroen Scholten van Aschat


production notes

original title
De Camera

directed by
Viktor van der Valk

produced byLemming Film
Valschermkade 36F
1059 CD, Amsterdam

in co-production with
A Private View – Belgium

written by
Viktor van der Valk, Jeroen Scholten van Aschat

current financial need
€ 1.478.397 (95% in place)