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Costa Brava, Lebanon

Mounia Akl, Myriam Sassine

Lebanon, France, Sweden, Norway

TFL Awards

TFL Co-Production Award 2018 (€ 50.000)
with the support of the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union


Lebanon, 2028. The country is drowning in garbage, yet the Badri family leads an idyllic isolated life in their house in the mountains, which they have turned into a sterile space. Despite the strict rules imposed by Walid (48) to make this exile possible, love abounds in the household. His wife Soraya (45), and his daughters Tala (15) and Rim (9) seem happy. On the other hand, Walid’s mother, Zeina (79),
misses the city life.

Following years of paralysis, the government finds a solution to the crisis, but this is not good news for the Badris: a landfill will be built outside their land to host all the trash that has been piling up for years. Hidden tensions among the family members arise making them realise that rot was not only outside their home.

project updates

Costa Brava, Lebanon

FeatureLab - projects 2018

May 21, 2019

Selected at Sundance Institute Directors Lab Projects and Fellows 2019.


I was born in the year when the civil war ended. Growing up in the post-war years meant having confused collective memory, but also a desire to forget, and finally live fully. This dissociation phenomenon was the heart of my everyday life. After years of sociopolitical instability, my parents chose to never talk about it. They were overprotective of my sister and me because they could not deal with the war’s trauma. They made us think our home was the only safe place we had.

However, the end of the civil war marked the beginning of my parents’ own war. Their marriage crippled under the circumstances it was faced with. Our safe bubble exploded. My sister and I had to reinvent our home. We had to enter the real world.

In Costa Brava, Lebanon, it is only when the family has broken apart that it can see more clearly why the rot was not only outside their doors, but deep inside as well. Once the home is shattered, the Badri
family is able to reinvent itself with less lies and more selfless love.

budget, distribution & sales

Costa Brava, Lebanon is an ambitious project that involves a lot of production design, a multitude of characters and visual effects. After two years of extensive development in prestigious platforms and labs such as the Cannes Cinéfondation Residence and Ateliers Premiers Plans d’Angers, we have a solid draft and we are ready to move to financing. The budget has been estimated at € 1.300.000, which is in the range of independent yet ambitious Lebanese films. We have raised development funds so far from CineGouna SpringBoard and CNC – Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée and Malmö Arab Film Festival, and we have recently attached a French, a Swedish and a Norwegian co-producer. We are open to explore new potential partnerships and we would like to confirm a sales agent at the script stage. We are confident we can raise up to € 700.000 from local funds of the Middle East and Lebanon, international funds that support Lebanese cinema, Middle East Rights pre-sale and private equity. The main aim today is to attach the right partners so we can together define the financing strategy and the best ways to make this film a reality.


The Badris live away from pollution. Until the government initiates a landfill outside their house.
Mounia Akl

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Myriam Sassine


production notes

original title
Costa Brava, Lebanon

directed by
Mounia Akl

produced byAbbout Productions
699 Saifi Bldg., Lebanon St
9999, Beirut

in co-production with
Cinéma Defacto – France
Silver Films – Sweden
Barentsfilm – Norway

written by
Mounia Akl, Clara Roquet