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Titanic Ocean

Konstantina Kotzamani, Maria Drandaki



No skirts, no shoes: we are in mermaid school. To be a professional mermaid you must act accordingly. Holding your breath for at least 5 minutes, while exhaling perfect bubbles. Gliding through aquarium tanks, greeting sharks and singing songs of sirens.

This is no child’s play; only girls above 15 may enter. Choose a name – Aqualily? Aquamarine? Match your hair to the colours of your tail. Forget your woes; life is much prettier under the sea: softer, all edges blurred. Can you fall where you can float?

One girl, Akame, shows exquisite results. Her personal record of apnoea is 16’ 36’’. Fluid, elegant and pure. Or at least until Kotaro, her coach, gives her the kiss of life. Desire awakens. As a unique love story unfolds secretly, she questions her own motivations.

“Kotaro” she asks, “which is your favourite Ocean?”
“Titanic Ocean” he replies.

But love is a wicked game for mermaids. Left with no choice, Akame must discover just how deep the ruins of the Titanic lie.

project updates

Titanic Ocean

FeatureLab - projects 2018

January 25, 2019

Selected at the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Co-production Market CineMart 2019.


Based on fragments of myths and archetypes such as The Little Mermaid and the myth of Sirens, Titanic Ocean is a blend of harsh realism and magical surrealism. Set in a professional mermaid school, an unconventional fairytale unfolds. Love, Eros, Death and Metamorphosis reign.

The film follows the lives of teenage girls in today’s digital era, who are trying to fulfil their dream: to become professional mermaids. It endeavors to debate the complexity of a new generation’s perception of existence, mediated by digital virtuality, social media and pop culture. Questioning human identity and challenging social roles and norms. Each girl has a traumatic backstory and wanders around the pools with a blurry ego. Not belonging to their families, race or species, the girls are in search of self- discovery and of forming significant relationships with one another. Challenging both their physical and emotional limits, they want and attempt to escape.

But even if you flee to the very bottom of the world, you cannot escape life.

budget, distribution & sales

Titanic Ocean is a film made by girls for girls; a unique coming-of- age and crossing-human-boundaries-and-country-borders story; a “girl-power’’, tender, funny and dark film. The total budget of the film is approximately € 2.000.000. The financing strategy is the combination of a strong European co-production with different financing partners involved, and the collaboration with a local partner from the country we will choose to shoot in Asia, who will be able to access different and available financing there. We have begun discussions on the possible co-production partners both in Europe and Asia, based on the available financing tools but also the concrete creative elements each country can offer to the specific film. In Greece, we have applied for the project support of the Greek Film Centre and we are awaiting results by the end of the year. We are also in the process of further applications for development financing. Based on the director’s successful track record, the originality of the concept and the vibrant girly teenage universe the film presents, Titanic Ocean can have distribution opportunities over multiple territories and platforms, reaching the hearts of people around the world.

An unconventional fairytale: professional teen mermaids, pop songs, apps and apnoeas that can take you to the end of the world.
Konstantina Kotzamani

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Maria Drandaki


production notes

original title
Titanikos Okeanos

directed by
Konstantina Kotzamani

produced byHomemade Films
Koniari 3
114 71, Athens