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State of Emergency

Filip Kasperaszek, Paweł Kosuń



2023. The world has changed. Poland has changed. It has been five days since the election and no one knows if the populist government will remain in power. We enter this reality with a group of 20-somethings throwing a Halloween party. And yes, it would be a spicy coming-of-age story if not for the political events that unravel that night and affect our young characters.

As the election results are about to be announced, the whole city goes black. Literally. They say it was a terrorist attack but many do not buy it. The streets turn into hell, the police become brutal. The state of emergency is imposed. At first, our characters seem to be safe but an armed police unit crash their party to arrest one of them. More of them get taken in, picked based on the behaviour or simply because of a mere coincidence. The group of protagonists is formed.

And then one of them pulls a gun, and they manage to escape. But from now on, as fugitives on the run, they have to face the regime that is being born.


What would you do if the world as you know it was about to end? That is the question our characters, most of them a bit over 20, are facing. They want to love, they want to party, drink and fuck. But then, there are the events they have no control over. They will have to learn to act together in order to survive.

They just want to party, drink and fuck but the world around them turns into a dystopia.
Filip Kasperaszek

Story Editor, Scriptwriter

Paweł Kosuń


production notes

original title
Stan Nadzwyczajny

produced byCentrala Film
ul. SIenkiewicza 52.37
90-058, Lodz
Polska, Poland

Thriller, Action, Coming of Age