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Cuban Dancer

Cuban Dancer

Roberto Salinas

Italy, Canada, Chile

TFL Awards

TFL Audience Design Fund 2019 (€ 40.000)
consultancy with TFL experts Benjamin Cölle and Riema Reybrouck - Berlin, February 2020

The TFL Funds are supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union


Alexis, a talented and proud student of the National Ballet School of Cuba, spends his life practising chassés and entrechats with his girlfriend and dance partner Yelenia. However, when his family moves to Florida to be reunited with his sister, he must adjust his expectations and dreams to a radically new environment.

Alexis, facing rejection and homesick for his native Cuba, feels lost and alone. He must find his way in the bourgeois and elitist world of American ballet while remaining faithful to his roots.


"Cuban Dancer" is a film about love, passion, youth and dance. Through Alexis' story, we would like to point out how difficult is to grow and face everyday challenges, above all if you live in a complex context like Cuba and you are asked to leave it for the United States.

It is an adventure where everyone can find his own personal fights experienced during childhood: competition, acceptance, love, difficulties, conflicts. Furthermore, Alexis represents what is the meaning of fighting to achieve a dream. Dance is his tool to do that. The message we would like to leave is that every goal is reachable if you face it with self-determination and passion.

"Cuban Dancer" is a film about choices – choices you have to take by yourself and choices determined by someone else (in our case by Alexis' family).

A passionate coming of age ballet tale, danced between Cuba and the United States, in a time of change.
Roberto Salinas

Film Director

production notes

original title
Cuban Dancer

directed by
Roberto Salinas

produced byIndyca
Corso San Martino 4
10122, Turin

in co-production with
Megafun – Canada
Valdivia Films – Chile
RAI Cinema – Italy

written by
Roberto Salinas, Laura Domingo Agüero