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Stefano Lodovichi, Isabella Aguilar, Davide Orsini



Polaris is the name given to the Earth north of the Equator, since the New Ice Age began. In 2020 a chilling wind starts blowing on our planet. The ecosystem changes, communications break down, governments collapse, people revolt. Cold, hunger, sickness and chaos decimate Europe’s population. Scattered groups of individuals start building new and very different communities... this is where our story begins.


Polaris is a twenty-year long adventure in a near future where people have to survive against the cold and the iced wind and against the different communities of survivors. In a sort of new Middle Age the characters hunt, fight, seeking refuge and travelling in search of the hottest places on where to build a new civilization.
Characters and stories unfold in different media and present each their unique insight into Polaris: a book/graphic novel trilogy. Young Tony travels across Europe to find her boyfriend; Lang, an engineer hired for a secret mission to build an icebreaker ark; Amos, an “apocalypse prepper”, saves four baby orphans.
A movie trilogy: Children of the Ice (I Figli del Freddo) is a voyage from the Alps to the sea across Venice’s frozen lagoon, undertaken by the four orphans who decide – after 15 years – to leave Amos in search for the Sun; a second movie wherein the kids sail the Nile up to Victoria, a legendary town on the Equator; the third movie, about the kids in Victoria where European, Middle Eastern and African people fight against each other for a place in the sun.
The Polaris gaming project: The Ark Mystery (set in the ark’s shipyard); The Nile (an endless running game); Polaris Experience (an on-line RPG). The Polaris web project: web series, social games, web radio, pod-cast.

budget & financing

We are currently looking for project development co-producers, concept artists for the visual aspect of the project, a marketing manager for the strategy and roll-out schedule, and publishers and (digital) producers for the content on the different media platforms.

distribution & sales

Polaris is produced by Mood Film with Rai Cinema, the feature film division of Italian broadcaster Rai (both are also producing Children of the Ice). The intended target is young adults (13-21).

In the New Ice Age you can try to survive, or you can follow your dream and reach for the sun.
Stefano Lodovichi

Film Director

Isabella Aguilar


Davide Orsini


production notes

directed by
Stefano Lodovichi

produced byMood Film
Via Borsieri 25

Via Andrea Bafile 2
195, Rome

in co-production with
Rai Cinema - Italy

Looking for co-producers and partners

written by
Stefano Lodovichi, Isabella Aguilar, Davide Orsini

total production budget
€ 200.000