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Dead & Beautiful

David Verbeek, Eva Eisenloeffel



A group of ultra rich Chinese youngsters wake up with vampire teeth after a night of partying. Confused and bewildered by their sudden mysterious condition, they try to find an explanation for what could have brought this on. It is hard to find a definitive answer. Was it the strange old woman they almost ran over while racing their Lamborghinis last night, or was it the mysterious blood-wine they tasted at the “ancient wines” collection?

There seems nothing to do but to simply come to terms with their new vampire identities. For a while nights partying, manipulating people and even drinking blood seem to give the thrill-seekers a whole new level of excitement and also a new sense of togetherness as a group.

Soon, however, it starts to spin out of control and the exclusive group starts to fall back onto being individuals. Also, it becomes more and more clear to some that aside from having woken up with fangs they really are not any different than before. Perhaps it is all a game?


There are many true stories throughout history where the super rich have gone to great extremes to escape the dullness of “the abundance of everything”. One of the most striking examples is Marie Antoinette in the late 18th century, France. In the park around Château de Versailles a group of idealized “plane farm cabins” were build for miss Antoinette to play peasant life.

This is only one of many examples where the “have-it-alls” have created an imaginary experience for themselves in order to look for new sensations. Basically, Dead & Beautiful is a story of one of these explorations of the “have-it-alls”, which goes terribly wrong.

My experiences in Shanghai are at the base of this movie. I do not know of a more restless place on earth. In recent years the so-called “second-generation-rich” in the country have drawn a lot of critical attention. The children of the first generation of Chinese that suddenly got super wealthy are infamous for a long list of inconsiderate and selfish actions.

Within this environment and with the reincarnation of the vampire genre, I think this dark version of a Marie-Antoinette-like role playing game is not so far-fetched at all…

A group of young Beijing elites start turning into vampires after a wild night out.
David Verbeek

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Eva Eisenloeffel


production notes

directed by
David Verbeek

produced byLemming Film
Valschermkade 36F
1059 CD, Amsterdam

in co-production with
Les Petites Lumières - France / China