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The world is rapidly and profoundly changing. New challenges have emerged on a global scale, which film and TV industries have the ability and the duty to answer.

This conviction is deeply rooted in TorinoFilmLab’s DNA. It resonates in our mission: to bring together people, cultures and ideas to develop original and unique stories that can impact the future.

This new branch of TorinoFilmLab has an innovative teaching approach, a fully online based experience. It aims at empowering a new generation of agile- thinking and innovative filmmakers, who are ready to immerse themselves in a truly global experience, sharing with international experts and peers, travelling across live barriers. Everyone has something unique to express. Together, we form a global community, ready to make an impact in the world.

We invite you to join us in this new adventure.

TFL Next is an initiative included in the TFL Extended programme. 

Online workshops

Please contact:

Angelica Cantisani

Head of TFL Next


Costanza Fiore

Project Manager