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TFL Extended 2017

What is TFL Extended?
Through TFL Extended, TorinoFilmLab puts its pedagogical expertise and its wide network of experts to the service of external organizations by offering tailor-made workshops & lectures on demand.

We design, schedule and supervise the realization of customized training & development initiatives for international scriptwriters, directors, producers, etc., where the participants can benefit from TFL’s know-how and learn from high-profile professionals.

What are the possible subjects and formats for a TFL Extended workshop?
TFL Extended can tackle areas ranging from script development to story editing, from book-to-screen adaptation to audience design, from overall project development (including production-related aspects) to pitching, and much more.

Formats range from short consultancies (1-2 days) to week-long single or multi-session workshops, with the possibility of intermediate long-distance consultation.

Every workshop is different and specifically ideated and planned to match the needs of the client organization, both content- and structure-wise.

Previous TFL Extended partners…
Our previous partners include festivals, film funds, labs, co-production markets and several other types of companies. Just to mention some: Cannes Critics’ Week, connecting cottbus, Doha Film Institute, Locarno Film Festival’s Open Doors, Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema, PriFest - Prishtina International Film Festival, RE-ACT.

Are you interested in discussing a potential collaboration and receiving a quote?
Please contact Agata Czerner – Head of Operations


In 2017 TorinoFilmLab is delighted to launch a new collaboration with São Paulo-based training and development initiative BrLab, centered on the subject of Audience Design. TorinoFilmLab will curate a 3-day workshop aimed at 3 Brazilian teams of director, producer and sales agent or distributor working on fiction feature film projects in advanced development.


TorinoFilmLab collaborated with CISA (International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences), film school based in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, for the realization of a workshop on adaptation on 10-15 March 2017.

Doha Film Institute

For the second year TorinoFilmLab collaborates with  the Doha Film Institute. The DFI will host two script development and screenwriting workshops to mentor local and regional talent, and support the future development of film and creative industries within the MENA region. The programme includes a Short Screenwriting Lab and the Hezayah Screenwriting Lab

Off Camera

For the third year TorinoFilmLab partners with the Off Camera Festival of Independent Cinema within the framework of Off Camera Pro Industry, a programme of events aimed at professionals of the film industry.

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