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TFL Extended

What is TFL Extended?
Through TFL Extended, TorinoFilmLab puts its pedagogical expertise and its wide network of experts to the service of external organizations by offering tailor-made workshops & lectures on demand.

We design, schedule and supervise the realization of customized training & development initiatives for international scriptwriters, directors, producers, etc., where the participants can benefit from TFL’s know-how and learn from high-profile professionals.

What are the possible subjects and formats for a TFL Extended workshop?
TFL Extended can tackle areas ranging from script development to story editing, from book-to-screen adaptation to audience design, from overall project development (including production-related aspects) to pitching, and much more.

Formats range from short consultancies (1-2 days) to week-long single or multi-session workshops, with the possibility of intermediate long-distance consultation.


Are you interested in discussing a potential collaboration and receiving a quote?


Please contact:


Eilon Ratzkovsky

Head of TFL Extended


Agata Czerner

Head of Operations