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Together For Ever

Together For Ever

Lina Lužytė

Lithuania, Romania | 2016 | Genre: Drama | first feature film | running time: 87’

"Emotionally powerful directorial debut."
Colette de Castro, East European Film Bulletin - Critic's choice

festivals & awards

East of the West, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016


An apparently contented three-member family is on its way to a gala concert. The mother is excited, the daughter is bored, and the only thing that keeps the father from falling asleep is an urgent phone call. Their differing interests, however, run deeper. Soon enough it becomes clear that their life together, in fact, represents three separate parallel existences devoid of any visible effort to achieve mutual understanding. White lies grow into deep wounds that intensify unawares during a minor home emergency.


Do You Love Me
original title

Amžinai Kartu




Lithuania, Romania

running time


produced by

Just a Moment - Lithuania

in co-production with

Alien Film - Romania

directed by

Lina Lužytė

A three-member family forms a fragile association of isolated individuals who desire love and understanding without knowing how to find it.
TFL Programmes

Script&Pitch 2012

Lina Lužytė

Scriptwriter, Film Director