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Hunting Season

Hunting Season

Natalia Garagiola

Argentina, United States, Germany, France, Qatar | 2017 | Genre: Drama | first feature film | running time: 105’

"Natalia Garagiola shows a welcome dramatic maturity and lightness of touch"
Nikki Baughan - Screen Daily

TFL Awards

TFL Production Award 2014 (€ 50.000)

festivals & awards

Critics' Week, Venice International Film Festival 2017 / SIAE Audience Award


Ernesto is a respected hunting guide in Patagonia, where he lives with his new family. After his previous wife dies, he is forced to house his teenage son Nahuel, whom he hasn’t seen for more than a decade.
Confronted with the past he left behind, Ernesto struggles to contain the violent outbursts of his son. Without the sympathy of his new family, Nahuel stretches the conflict with his father to a limit.
In the hostility of nature, resentment gives way in to a possible relationship between these two men. The reunion will confront them with their own hability to kill and forgive.


Hunting Season
original title

Temporada de Caza




Argentina, United States, Germany, France, Qatar

running time


produced by

Rei Cine – Argentina

in co-production with

Gamechanger Films – USA
Augenschein Filmproduktion – Germany
Les Films de l’Étranger – France

directed by

Natalia Garagiola


Alpha Violet

A respected hunting guide in Patagonia is faced with the education of his son recently expelled from school.
TFL Programmes

FrameWork 2014
Script&Pitch 2013

Natalia Garagiola

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Santiago Gallelli