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Niles Atallah

Chile, France, Netherlands, Germany, Qatar | 2017 | Genre: Drama | second feature film | running time: 91’

"The little-known story of a French adventurer claiming to be king of Patagonia is told via a bold combination of formats brought together in this enjoyable avant-garde feature."
Jay Weissberg - Variety

TFL Awards

TFL Production Award 2012 (€ 70.000)

festivals & awards

Hivos Tiger Competition, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017 / Special Jury Award


Once upon a time, a man travelled to the end of the world. There, at the tip of recently independent South America, he founded his kingdom. It was 1860 and this French adventurer, Orllie-Antoine de Tounens, was perhaps a little crazy. Armed with a constitution penned by himself and a new flag, he fought his way through the rugged wilderness on horseback. After arriving he managed to unite the natives and was chosen to become their ruler. At least, that’s one version of this true story. Or, he was helped by a native traitor. He was a French spy! He succeeded, but was captured. Banished. Died. But returned? Who remembers the what and where of it? In Rey, the problems of history and memory are emphasised by the degradation of image and sound.


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Chile, France, Netherlands, Germany, Qatar

running time


produced by

Diluvio – Chile
Mômerade – France

in co-production with

Circe Films – Netherlands
EYE Filmmuseum – Netherlands
unafilm – Germany
Kiné Imágenes – Chile
Sonamos – Chile

directed by

Niles Atallah

In 1860, a French lawyer dreamed of becoming the King of Patagonia. And he did just that. Or so it seems.
TFL Programmes

FrameWork 2012
Script&Pitch 2011

Niles Atallah

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Lucie Kalmar