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Mr. Kaplan

Mr. Kaplan

Alvaro Brechner

Uruguay, Spain, Germany | 2014 | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller | second feature film | running time: 98’

"Brechner’s film is a delightful take on our desire to feel a purpose in our lives."
George Kafka - Sounds and Colours

TFL Awards

TFL Production Award 2011 (€ 100.000)

TFL Audience Award 2011 (€ 30.000)

festivals & awards

Flash Forward, Busan International Film Festival 2014


Jacob Kaplan lives an ordinary life in Uruguay. Like many of his other Jewish friends, Jacob fled Europe for South America because of World War II. But now turning 76, he’s become rather grumpy, fed up with his community and his family’s lack of interest in its own heritage. One beach bar may, however, provide him with an unexpected opportunity to achieve greatness and recover his family’s respect in the community: its owner, a quiet, elderly German, raises Mr.Kaplan suspicion of being a runaway nazi. Ignoring his family’s concerns about his health, Jacob secretly recruits Contreras, a more loyal than honest former police officer, to help him investigate. Together, they will try to repeat the historic capture of Adolf Eichmann: by unmasking and kidnapping the German and secretly taking him to Israel.


Mr. Kaplan
original title

Mr. Kaplan


Comedy, Drama, Thriller


Uruguay, Spain, Germany

running time


produced by

Salado Cine - Uruguay
Baobab Films - Spain

in co-production with

Razor Film Produktion - Germany

directed by

Alvaro Brechner


Memento Films International

The story of an elderly Jewish man who suspects an old German immigrant of being a former Nazi.
TFL Programmes

FrameWork 2011
Script&Pitch 2010

Álvaro Brechner

Film Director, Production

Mariana Secco