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Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

Wissam Charaf

France, Lebanon | 2016 | first feature film

festivals & awards

ACID, Cannes Film Festival 2016


After 20 years apart, Samir a former militiaman who was presumed dead, reappears in the life of Omar, his little brother who has become a bodyguard in Beirut. Between drama and comedy, Samir has to come to terms with a country he no longer recognizes.


Heaven Sent
original title

Tombé du ciel


France, Lebanon

produced by

Aurora Films - France

in co-production with

Né à Beyrouth Films - France

directed by

Wissam Charaf

A former militiaman believed dead for the past 20 years reappears in his younger brother’s life.
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Interchange 2010

Wissam Charaf

Film Director, Production