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Wednesday 04:45

Wednesday 04:45

Alexis Alexiou

Germany, Israel, Greece | 2015 | Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller | second feature film | running time: 116’

"A good-looking Greek underworld tale."
John DeFore - The Hollywood Reporter

festivals & awards

World Narrative Competition , Tribeca Film Festival 2015


Just before Christmas, Stelios Dimitrakopoulos, owner of a night club in Athens, realizes that his life is falling apart. He has got 32 hours to see why things went from bad to worse. 32 hours to reevaluate his choices. 32 hours to protect his business and the future of his family. 32 hours to finally stand up to his enemies, regroup and retaliate. Or 32 hours to literally blow everything up!


Wednesday 04:45
original title

Tetarti 04:45


Crime, Drama, Thriller


Germany, Israel, Greece

running time


produced by

Twenty Twenty Vision Filmprodukion GmbH - Germany

in co-production with

CL Productions - Greece
Pie Films - Israel

directed by

Alexis Alexiou


Loco Films

One man, one city, 32 hours.
TFL Programmes

Script&Pitch 2010

Alexis Alexiou

Scriptwriter, Film Director