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In Your Name

In Your Name

Marco van Geffen

Netherlands, France, Belgium | 2014 | Genre: Drama, Family, Thriller | second feature film | running time: 90’

"A well-acted and subtly directed relationship drama."  
Film Totaal

festivals & awards

FEST Espinho 2014


Ton and Els are normal people. They are happy people. People like all of us. They have a job, a house, a place in this world. Els is pregnant with their first child, which to them will make their life complete. But soon after the child is born, it dies. And this changes everything: both have different way of grieving, and Els seems to get over things faster than Ton. She wants to move on, pick up life again as it was. But Ton can't cope, believing that Els goes too fast. Ton feels rejected, unloved, his grief trampled. In Your Name follows him as he crosses the line between a normal man and a man who is able to commit the ultimate: to destroy what he loves most.


No Name
original title

In Jouw Naam


Drama, Family, Thriller


Netherlands, France, Belgium

running time


produced by

Lemming Film - Netherlands

in co-production with

KinoElektron - France
A Private View - Belgium

directed by

Marco van Geffen

written by

Jolein Laarman, Marco van Geffen

A perfectly happy couple believe they live their dream when they expect their first child. That dream is shattered when the child dies, leaving them to cope with their loss.
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Script&Pitch 2009

Marco van Geffen

Scriptwriter, Film Director