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Agua Fría de Mar

Agua Fría de Mar

Paz Fábrega

Costa Rica, France, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico | 2010 | Genre: Drama | first feature film | running time: 83’

"Gorgeously desolate and quietly haunting tale of a young couple whose lives are briefly intertwined with that of a troubled 7-year-old girl."  
New York Magazine

TFL Awards

TFL Production Award 2008 (€ 120.000)

festivals & awards

Competition, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010 / Tiger Award


On New Year's holidays, Mariana (21) and Rodrigo (30) drive to the coast where he has to sell a property. There, they find Karina (7), late at night and in the middle of nowhere. She tells them she has run away from home because her uncle touches her. They decide to stay the night and try to find help in the morning. But by dawn, the girl is gone but hundreds of poisonous sea snakes swim out of the unusually cold water.


Agua Fría de Mar
original title

Agua Fría de Mar




Costa Rica, France, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico

running time


produced by

Temporal Films - Costa Rica

in co-production with

Les Films du Requin - France
Tic Tac Producciones - Spain
Isabella Films - Netherlands
Pimienta Films - Mexico

directed by

Paz Fábrega


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A young Costa Rican couple on holiday discover a 7 year-old girl who has run away. The next morning, when they want to take her back to her camping parents, she has disappeared again.
TFL Programmes

FrameWork 2008

Paz Fábrega

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Jean Des Forêts