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El Father Plays Himself

El Father Plays Himself

Mo Scarpelli

United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Venezuela | 2020 | Genre: Documentary | running time: 105’

"A deeply human portrayal".
Emiliano Granada - Variety

TFL Awards

TFL Audience Design Fund 2020 (€ 45.000)
consultancy with TFL experts Clara Miranda Scherffig and Kirsten Loose - online, September 2020

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festivals & awards

International Feature Film Competition, Visions du Réel 2020 / Special Mention


A young film director returns to Venezuela, inspired to make a film based on his father’s life in the Amazon jungle. He casts his father to play himself. What starts as an act of love and ambition spirals into a process which confronts the father’s struggles with addiction and his life devoid of his son.

EL FATHER PLAYS himself holds a steady lens to the ways the act of cinema unearths, binds, heals and destroys.


original title

EL Father Como Sí Mismo




United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Venezuela

running time


produced by

Ardimages UK – United Kingdom

in co-production with

La Faena Films – Canada
Rake Films – Italy
Channel 6 Media – Canada
Tres Cinematografía – Venezuela

directed by

Mo Scarpelli

A father and his son return to the Amazon jungle to shoot a deeply personal film. Fiction and reality clash as the father plays himself.
TFL Awards

TFL Audience Design Fund 2020

Mo Scarpelli

Film Director