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El Cristo Ciego

El Cristo Ciego

Christopher Murray

Chile, France | 2016 | Genre: Drama | second feature film | running time: 85’

"Murray’s second feature is suspended between exaltation and pathos, savage beauty and disillusionment."
Lee Marshall - Screen Daily

festivals & awards

Competition, Venice International Film Festival 2016


Michael believes he experienced a divine revelation in the desert when he was a child. His neighbors are incredulous and take him for the town fool ever since. One evening, he gets news that a childhood friend was badly hurt in an accident in a remote village. Michael decides to drop everything to go on a barefoot pilgrimage through the Chilean desert in order to cure his friend with a miracle, a voyage that will traverse the blind desperation of a society in need of faith.


Parable of a Blind Christ
original title

El Cristo Ciego




Chile, France

running time


produced by

Jirafa - Chile
Cine Sud - France

directed by

Christopher Murray


Film Factory

A young man dubbed the “Chilean Christ” undertakes a voyage across the desert to visit an ill friend and, hopefully, perform a miracle.
TFL Programmes

Script&Pitch 2012

Christopher Murray

Scriptwriter, Film Director