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Becoming Margot

Geoff Bellhouse

United Kingdom


Margot is a bright, beautiful and intelligent woman. At 38 years old, having sacrificed a promising career in journalism to take care of her late parents, she has become resigned to a life without work, a hellish boyfriend nicknamed Tormento and a dying cat called Diesel.

Set during the summer in her provincial hometown by the coast, her only escapes are the weekly coffees with her best friend Lucia and the time spent with her outspoken and free spirited 82-year-old Auntie Caterina.

But circumstances around Margot are changing. A chance encounter with an enigmatic woman, who is later found dead under suspicious circumstances, forces Margot to look inwards and at the world around her. She decides to investigate the life of this woman and discovers some truths of self-control, luck and good fortune.

As Diesel becomes increasingly unwell she senses her own boredom with her current existence. Tormento is suspiciously spending more and more time away. As the weeks progress Margot is forced to make adjustments in her life, some upsetting, and some life affirming. But with change comes hope and a new life for Margot.


I like to imagine that everyone, however successful, at some point in their lives has questioned their own ability to achieve their goals. Whether it is because of pressures from family or friends, dictated by tradition and society or merely the circumstances people find themselves in, I believe that people simply can get caught up.

I discovered my story by reading a certain review of Good Luck! (Buona Fortuna). Very quickly I began to picture the life of the woman who had written it. Her writing is sad but clearly the book has given her an escape from the mundane world she exists in. She talks about laughing and crying like an idiot, reflecting on her own past life and her grandmother. I imagined that the life she lives is perhaps not the one she would have chosen.

In Good Luck! Margot is independent and free. She is representative of modern women who have chosen a career against old-fashioned and traditional views of domestic roles at home. But I think the lady who wrote this review is somehow caught in-between. Someone who maybe once had a dream of independence but for whatever reason has been swept up by the exact conventional views that she talks about, and is now left only finding freedom in other peoples words. I wondered if Margot might have fallen into this trap had circumstances been different. Maybe one wrong decision and she would not have become the woman that she appears in the book.

I would like to create the story of a woman who has lost her way, who through her own will and external circumstances changes herself to become more like the free Margot that we know in the book. In a way it is taking the lady I imagined writing the review and moulding her into Becoming Margot.

I hope it is going to be a story that is uplifting, a portrait of a woman at a particular junction in her life. I want it to be a light-hearted, comedic yet sensitive film, but not one where someone falls in love with another person. I want to build a narrative where someone falls out of love only to fall in love with themself again.


Can you fall out of love with someone only to fall in love with yourself again?
Geoff Bellhouse

Film Director

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written by
Geoff Bellhouse