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Go Youth!

Carlos Armella



Martin is a young vandal in love with a girl that is completely unaware of his existence. He wants to scream is heart out to the world, but the world will try to quiet him down.

Daniel is a musician who became a taxi-driver after getting his teenage girlfriend pregnant. The day he decides to become a responsible adult will be one of the unluckiest days of his life. Dulce is a tough bully at school who actually sees herself as a nice girl deserving to be loved. She is ready to give her virginity to anyone who wants to take it.

Pedro is a kid, whose disappointed view of the world has made him stop speaking like a normal person and starts his own, personal language.

The four of them are kids with dreams, passions and desires, but afraid to become adults in modern-day Mexico City. But they all have one common and annoying obstacle against them: adults. A dark comedy about the absurdities and pains of growing up in a Go Youth! world that has no more sympathy for youth.

project updates

Script&Pitch 2015

June 14, 2018

Selected at L'Atelier de Cinefondation at Cannes Film Festival 2017

Script&Pitch 2015

April 20, 2018

Begins pre-production in June 2018.


Go Youth! is a dark coming-of-age comedy of teenagers in an overpowering society.

Nowadays, the Mexican Government is paving the ground for a dim, polarized and unequal future, and young generations seem unaware (or uninterested) of what kind of country they will inherit: a country of the powerful vs the powerless, of the filthy-rich vs the dirt-poor, ruled by a system that forbids any shifts in the status quo.

Kids today are taught to obey without questioning, whether it is an authority, or mass media. I am concerned about their conformism and about them losing the ability to dream. Because as we grow old, we adapt into a society that is sleeping, but never dreaming. I want to focus on four intimate lives within that context. Martin, Daniel, Dulce and Pedro are dreamers trying to break free and claim their place in the world by rebelling against authority.

Like my characters, I consider myself a dreamer; but even as an adult, I still struggle to find my own voice. I believe taking risks in creative ways will lead to a great outcome, and I want that to be the motivation behind Go Youth! to make a fun and cathartic film that endures in the minds of those who keep their teen spirit alive.


The absurd and unbearable lives of four teenagers who are not the world’s future, but a threat to its present.
Carlos Armella

Scriptwriter, Film Director

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directed by
Carlos Armella