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Sweet Monster

Laurie Lassalle



Céli (16) and Sasha (18) met in a shelter for minors: they are like
sisters. When Sasha’s mother dies, they settle in her apartment, in a dilapidated suburb, surrounded by volcanoes. They start a new life, with their own rules.

While Céli continues her woodworking apprenticeship, the two girls meet Louis (18), gogo dancer, and Maastok (12), toilet cleaner and wannabe poet. The boy communicates with Céli through virtual poetic texts messages.

But since her mother’s funeral, Sasha undergoes some strange mutations, between a cat and a bird, linked to her strong emotions. Controlling less and less her monstrous desire, Sasha starts devouring men. While Céli falls in love with Louis, Sasha turns definitely into a chimera. One day she disappears, while in the city the riot is bursting.

Céli decides to chase Sasha into the wild landscapes surrounding the suburb in flames. The two friends stalk each other dangerously, up to the volcano’s summit.


What do I do with my own desire, my inner monster?
That is the first question I asked myself when I lost my mother at 17. This event has at first eradicated all possibilities to act: the world has literally exploded.
Then I started looking for a way to represent that visceral sensation, paradoxically building a living strength, a devouring desire. So here is Céli and Sasha, the double face of a monster.

I want to show this desire through the prism of Sasha’s animal mutation. As a counterpoint, Céli avoids confrontation with her body, finding in her anger a path to poetry. Sweet Monster is my way to explore female desire as I have never seen it in cinema: in an organic way.

I want to mix documentary and fantasy. In an imaginary topography where the city will give the sensation of being surrounded by the wild, both ready to explode. Setting my story in a suburb of Paris, between disrepair and reconstruction, will throw us into an uncertain future. I already made a short at the Grande Borne suburb. I noticed a hopeless resignation to the current situation that some inhabitants still take with humour. A situation, which, through fiction, I push to its extreme.
What would happen if...?


Céli is fascinated by her friend Sasha, who is turning into a cat-bird chimera.
Laurie Lassalle

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

directed by
Laurie Lassalle

written by
Laurie Lassalle, Lucille Dupré