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Marco van Geffen, Philip Delmaar, Fleur Winters



Stephan Ponte is a former army medic who decided to join UNMAS, the UN demining office. A man of action, knowledgeable about landmines and wounds, not afraid to defuse mines himself, Stephan also knows how to behave within the Geneva UN offices, using charm and persistence to get attention for his cause from his cynical boss Julie, competing with similarly driven colleagues. Stephan is put under scrutiny by the UN’s ethics department because he crossed a line in the past. Stephan is frustrated and gets even more fanatic at reaching his goal. When in Darfur a schoolbus gets stuck in a minefield and D’Amato, the rigid local UN commander, refuses to help him because the UN isn’t allowed into the area, Stephan illegaly hires mercenaries to do the job. He saves the kids, but the mercenaries are attacked by rebels: several get killed. The UN will surely be kicked out of Darfur if the incident comes out, and everything Stephan fought for is at stake. But Stephans hands are tied: he was the one who hired the mercenaries, so his fate is now linked to them. Will he be able to continue pursuing his life mission and remain sane, or will he be trapped in the web of bad choices he faces?


Augustus tells the untold story of the UN: an organisation which is ‘too good to fail’ but falters continuously, struggling with acute crises as with internal problems. These constant dillema’s reflect our times: our main character’s struggle is at the heart of this: a strong believer in the UN’s truth, he eventually has to speak out on its lies.

A young UN demining officer has to decide to lie to save the UN, or tell the truth to save his soul.
Marco van Geffen

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Philip Delmaar


Fleur Winters


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