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Two Rooms and a Parlor

Sherif El Bendary, Mohamed Salah el Azab, Racha Najdi

Egypt, Lebanon


Ten years have passed since KHALIL SULEIMAN retired following a long and mundane career. Khalil believes his life has already ended and thinks about buying a family plot in a cemetery with some of his savings. His wife, IHSAN, however wants to renovate the house and change the floor to ceramics.

Ihsan dies suddenly, leaving Khalil alone to deal with people he had avoided for years and face fears he had not previously explored. He realizes that he has never traveled outside of Cairo and decides to take a plane for the first time in his life. Loneliness, on the one hand, and making the travel arrangements on the other, forces Khalil to get involved in his neighbor’s lives although he didn’t know any of them before except ABDEL AAL, a retired photographer diagnosed with cancer. Soon he meets AZZA, an aging former dancer; YASSER, an infertile and religious young man who is afraid of artificial insemination and IRENE, an introverted veterinarian. Khalil overcomes all the obstacles he faces in order to make his trip by getting closer and closer to one of his neighbors. Finally when he is ready to travel, Yasser’s wife gives birth but the baby’s nursery is very costly. Khalil makes everyone around him happy and goes back to his old life that has been happily turned upside down.

After his wife’s death, Khalil realises his mundane life is about to end without him having explored all its aspects. He decides to make a trip to Panama.
Sherif El Bendary

Film Director

Mohamed Salah el Azab

Racha Najdi


production notes

original title
Oudtein w Sala

directed by
Sherif El Bendary

produced byFilm Clinic
141 (A) Corniche El Nile

9th floor


written by
Sherif El Bendary, Mohamed Salah el Azab

total production budget
€ 515.447

current financial need
€ 263.827