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Ely Dagher

Lebanon, France


Jana, a young woman in her mid-twenties, walks out of the Beirut airport alone and makes her way back home to her parents’ house in the middle of the night. Having been abroad and out of touch for a while, Jana seems to be leaving bad experiences behind.
Back home, she finds herself in a familiar yet strangely foreign environment. Feeling vulnerable to the outside world haunting pressures to fit back into the family dynamics, as well as revealing details of her life abroad weigh heavy on her.
Cornered and unwilling to admit defeat to herself, Jana tries to reconnect with her refuge Adam and with other friends, just like in the past: another part of her Beirut life that she had once forsaken. Maybe she should have never left? All of this is at once confronting as well as confirming her beliefs, pushing her to face herself head-on before moving on.


“Harvest” explores the core subjects and themes that have been the driving force of my personal and professional life: questions that are at once local and universal. The project is a space to investigate identity on a multitude of levels, and where the city and the built environment take center stage along with the characters.
Having failed to succeed in her independent life abroad, Jana must face her failure while revisiting all that she had once deliberately left. She was never required to have as much ambition, and in that perspective, the biggest disappointments beyond anything else are with herself. Throughout Jana’s migratory journey and her relationships, we draw a portrait of a city and people whose lives have been overwhelmed and torn apart by forces beyond their control. We shed light on a whole generation if not generations of people who have been numbed and disillusioned.
What starts off as a would be mystery turns into a drama and an escapist journey, diving deep into Jana’s psyche and floating between different layers of reality as memories and future dreams intertwine with the present.

After a sudden return to Beirut, a woman reconnects with the life that she had once left.
Ely Dagher

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title

directed by
Ely Dagher

produced byAndolfi
9 rue des Cascades
75020, Paris

in co-production with
Beaver and Beaver – Lebanon

total production budget
€ 930.000