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Alias Suzanna

Jessika Jankert, Lovisa Löwhagen



Prosecutor Fanny Ekström has learned to never get emotionally involved with her cases. But when a young girl commits suicide, Fanny sees a connection to a previous case: it all leads to Suzanna, an online profile that manipulates young girls to send nude pictures and go on dates with rich men.
Fanny must resume a rape-case that she earlier decided to close, but the victim Emelie feels let down by Fanny and refuses to cooperate. Fanny is guilt-ridden and determined to find Suzanna, who she suspects to be an alias. When a man called Josef is arrested for being Suzanna, it turns out that he is the one who also raped Emelie. The police find hundreds of pictures on his computer with girls that they need to identify and convince to testify. The case grows into something bigger than Fanny has ever handled before. She cannot get the resources that she requests and starts to question the legal system that she always believed in.
Fanny finally gains Emelie’s trust, who in turn will testify against Josef. But the trial will be a nightmare: the victims will have their lives turned inside out by the defence. Can Fanny present their side of the story as the truth or will Josef walk free?


What are the consequences of going through a trial where everything needs to be questioned? We want to create a thrilling drama that captures a wide audience with an intriguing theme. The story explores one case from three different angles: the prosecutor, the victim, and the police.

A rookie prosecutor faces her hardest case: a man using a female alias to attract children online.
Jessika Jankert


Lovisa Löwhagen


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