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An Endless Sunday

Alain Parroni, Giulio Pennacchi



Three “millennials” live their apathetic lives in the countryside near Rome, seeking instant gratifications like those of the virtual online activities that dominate their existence.

On his 19th birthday Alex finds out that he will soon become a father, and the idea of being an adult fills him with anguish. His pregnant girlfriend Brenda, raised in a superstitious pseudo- religious family, sporadically seeks comfort in the local church. Their impulsive 16-year-old friend Kevin obsessively spray-paints his name everywhere he can.

The succession of days without any real commitments – just like an endless Sunday – is the setting for an unconventional coming- of-age story in which the ambiguous relationships between the three kids and their wild erratic impulses to assert their existence lead to a gradual increase in tension, which explodes in Alex’s shabby improvised attack during the Pope’s public Sunday Mass.

He finally leaves his mark on the world in the only way he can: arrogant, vulgar, pop and violent.


My generation is the product of a constant flow of appropriations and contaminations, a continual bombardment of simultaneous information and images, often filtered or distorted, that makes any desire for fighting for an ideal seem anachronistic.

Presenting and elucidating the emotions of the most extensively documented generation in history is an important and challenging task, even more than it was for preceding generations.

I envisage a film that is in line with the visual trends introduced by the internet, social networks, virtual reality and digital photography for the masses: a hypnotic and multifaceted mosaic of visual contaminations between the classical art of Rome and the aesthetics of Pop, Trap, Graffiti, Glitch, Vaporwave and Manga, with the disjointed rhythms of an apparently random selection of days in the characters’ lives presented like a succession of Instagram Stories.

For me, the process of making a film is closely associated with our primordial human need to leave a mark of our existence in the world, the same need that the characters of the film have. Sometimes this can be done by giving birth to a new life, and sometimes by taking one.


The coming-of-age of three “millennials” struggling to leave their mark on the world.
Alain Parroni

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Giulio Pennacchi

Writer, Scriptwriter

production notes

original title
Una Sterminata Domenica

directed by
Alain Parroni

produced byMatrioska
Piazza Manfredo Fanti 5
00185, Roma

written by
Alain Parroni, Giulio Pennacchi

current financial need
€ 800.000