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A Piece of Sky

Michael Koch

Switzerland, Germany


Anna (33) and Marco (36) meet in a remote mountain village in the Swiss Alps. Anna was born and raised here, whereas Marco is a newcomer. The two fall madly in love.

Shortly after their wedding, Marco is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Increasingly, he loses the ability to control his impulses.

Anna is confronted with the impact of a personality change that takes the form of violence and unrestrained sexuality against her and her social environment.

While the relationship between the villagers and Marco is strained, Anna stands undeterred by Marco until the catastrophe happens. Marco is suspected of having sexually abused Anna’s daughter.

In spite of the serious incidents and the social isolation in which Anna finds herself, in the end she is able to reach out to Marco. She fulfils his final wish and stays with him until his death.


I heard Anna’s story years ago on the radio. It stayed with me ever since.

How is it possible that a young woman, whose partner was suspected of having sexually abused her daughter, remains with him until he dies?

I decided to search for the young woman. I went from village to village asking about her, and finally found Anna in a remote place in the Swiss Alps.

People who grow up here, live with the understanding that in the end nature is always stronger than we are. Snow avalanches, landslides, storms and weather bear witness to the fundamental power to which people in the mountains are exposed.

Anna told me of her trust in a nature that self-adjusts in the end, of her belief in this cycle.

She told me about the personality changes in her husband due to his illness. About the irrepressible violence and sexuality, about the danger she and her daughter were subjected to. And she told me about her decision to nevertheless accompany her husband until his death.

Her inner calmness, her sincerity made a great impression on me. I descended back into the valley again, the ancient mountain world behind me. I had the feeling I could understand her.

My film is based on this encounter.


A young woman maintains her love under extreme conditions. A love that shines even after death.
Michael Koch

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

original title
Ein Stück Himmel

directed by
Michael Koch

produced byHugofilm Productions
Zypressenstrasse 76
8004, Zürich

in co-production with
Pandora Film – Germany