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Angelo Tijssens

Belgium, Netherlands


In Spring 1999, Luc and Geert, two Belgian entrepreneurs, learn that their structure of fake companies is going to be exposed in the international press. An emergency board meeting is held. The end of their reign is announced. Evidence needs shredding and discretion is expected. Tomorrow morning, the police will be at the door.

Luc, the technical genius, retreats to his villa where his wife seems to be in on everything. They spend their final Sunday together: calling investors, having sex for the first and last time in a while. Geert, the salesman, enjoys the intimacy of his lover and driver. Will he make a run for it? In the middle of the night, he visits his sister’s bakery. She also invested in the company, so he reveals nothing. The loss of the shares will be devastating for her.

At dawn they are back in the office before the police. They meet in the lavatory, dirty, without shoes, power or freedom. At the end of their long day’s journey through the night, a sparkle of light appears.


Dust is a story set where and when I grew up: the West of Flanders, in the ‘90s. I want to take the “real story” of two fraudulent managers of a world-class company and turn it into fiction in order to explore fragile masculinity. How suits and shoes cannot save you when your castle of lies collapses. I want to show queer characters, strong women, in a landscape that has been scarred by violent history and harsh weather.

The story of Dust is the final 24 hours. I believe that by showing the end, it is possible to address the beginning, as when a star dies and becomes a black dwarf. Dust is written in Dutch (and local varieties), French, English and Cantonese: I want to combine languages and cultures.

By writing this story, I want to discuss growth and the unsustainable idea that the only way for us as a species to exist is to keep on growing. I have tried to look my characters in the eyes. Although I despise most of what they stand for, I came to like them, and I hope the audience will too.


Belgium, Spring 1999. Two fraudulent entrepreneurs get caught in the eye of a massive storm.
Angelo Tijssens


production notes

original title

produced byA Private View
Adolf Bayensstraat 134n
9040, Sint-Amandsberg Gent

in co-production with
Viking Film – Netherlands

written by
Angelo Tijssens

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